How to use tickets on the day

1. Buy tickets

*The photo was taken in 2014.

Advance ticket

Advance tickets are on sale at participating stores or the “Mojiko Retro Community Cafe” in Kaikyo Plaza. Please purchase a 3-page booklet for 1,300 yen.
We also accept reservations online.

Click here to reserve advance tickets

Same-day ticket

If you do not purchase advance tickets, please purchase tickets on the day at the headquarters.
Tickets on the day will be sold individually for 500 yen per ticket (1 meal).

2. Eat ramen from your favorite restaurant

One ticket is enough for one meal of ramen. Exchange your ticket for ramen at your favorite store.

3. Exchange for voting tickets at Eco Station

Please bring your finished ramen container to the Eco Station. We will give you as many voting tickets as there are containers.
If the container is thrown into the trash can first, we will not be able to give you just the voting ticket, so please be sure to exchange the container and voting ticket at the Eco Station.

4. Please vote

Please vote at the voting station.
Please insert your “voting ticket” into the restaurant that you thought was delicious. The winner will be determined by your votes. We appreciate your cooperation.

The ranking will be determined after 4:00 pm on the second day.

If you have time, please come to the awards ceremony and be moved by the winning and runner-up stores.

Requests at the venue

  • The venue is expected to be very crowded on the day of the event.
  • If you are traveling with children, please be careful not to injure or burn your small children.
    It is very dangerous to bump into someone holding a hot ramen container.
  • If there is a line when purchasing advance tickets, same-day tickets, or ramen, please cooperate with the staff to guide you.